The Black Forest cuckoo clockcuckoo clock


The worlds largest cuckoo clock

The largest cuckoo clock in the world, documented in the Guinness Book of Records can be found in the Black Forest region, the home of the cuckoo clocks. This special piece, which took five years to build, is characterised by a 4.5m X 4.5m large and six ton heavy movement, which can even be viewed from inside.

Punctually on every hour the highlight of the clock appears: the 4.5m large cuckoo which weighs an impressive 150kg.

The worlds largest cuckoo clock is available to admire in the Eble Uhren-Park (Clock Centre) in Schonachbach, near Triberg. Here you will find a large selection of original handmade Black Forest cuckoo clocks, offering variations for every taste.

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